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review of 'infidelity' by 'illusivemind' great lyrics with a punchy delivery and a natural reverb to boot!
...ts the lyrics/vocal delivery as well.
... to borrow biggie's delivery ffom that one. ur gonna love it.
review of 'eyes trying to shout' by 'duckett' this is weird enough for me to tackle... not only the delivery, (maybe i'm hearing it wrong...
...ticity of the vocal delivery at all. (and as for that monkey you mention in your notes, well he caused a lot of trouble for lot
...otic bunuel fitting delivery. very film noire like it a lot
...ack a day voice and delivery)....cause then this would rock! thanks for mixing us!! :) n9
review of 'the gap between my teeth' by 'illusivemind' love it. great style and delivery.
review of 'heroes' by 'fireproof_babies' hard-hittin' poem and smooth delivery. good work indeed!
... since the pella is delivered so in your face style. maybe if you'd thrown some scratches or other intermittent dynamics (horn stabs
...ecially when you're delivering so much melody. an interesting use of kendra's voice as a counterpoint. it works out quite well.
...ass. the tone , delivery and quality are world class. feel like doing a tom brown version for you to blow on . 5 without
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