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...more effort you can deliver a perfect track. keep going, please. ps: im a fan!
review of 'close my eyes' by 'illusivemind' great lyrics and moody delivery. great job.
review of 'daŃ» & lery - j'te parle (a cappella)' by 'kulimu' you are a good mc! i love your delivery. it's true the other mc is reall...
...m you. i like your delivery and voice, too.
review of 'marionette man' by 'sabretruth_crew' you have an incredible voice and gifted delivery style.
review of 'guilty by association (existential noir mix)' by 'teru' very nice. i never thought of kcentric's delivery as spooky-cool until...
review of 'randy' by 'tacet' very moving, well written and excellently delivered. thanks for sharing.
review of '"hip-hop"' by 'tacet' nicely delivered :)
review of 'i wonder' by 'olddog' lovely melody and words (who wrote it?) - and i really like the straightforward delivery. i've just don...
review of 'no one loves you' by 'teru' another fine remix by briareus. : ) i really dig bobbi's voice and delivery. this is my favorit...
review of 'sad' by 'cdk' best delivery ever.. this is a good first cut...
review of 'my life' by 'llirium' you said it best yourself, and it delivers what you say it will. it's positive and thoughtful.
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