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...ste...) needs a big delivery afterwards. i've probably been brainwashed by too many dodgy trance tunes ;-) great ambitious tr
...??? (the theme from deliverance?). fun and a very solid production. : )
... a word) and the mc delivery controls the the track. definitely good stuff.' all over it and delivering killer tracks within like a coupla days...nice storytellin' man...... . .
... artful and sincere delivery can and do have an fact, that's the sad answer to one of the questions you ask..... .. .
... the flat, monotone delivery and the emotional message.
... one badass samurai delivered on these promises. we cheered! our friend shockshadow was not content, though. no, for as time passed,
z-rox review of "below - woody-lsd-promixx" although i like your cuckoo promixx better, your tracks/mixing always deliver .it's not som...
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