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review of 'ocotillo' by 'speck' very nice, really well written. i also like your delivery, well paced and not overly dramatic.
review of 'signum magnum' by 'anchor' you did a lovely job delivering the signum magnum. thanks.
...usan's presence and delivery. much enjoyed.
review of 'take the grail ft anchor' by 'anchor' thank you for rescuing me...! i love how you made this song and my delivery more intima...
review of 'we have arrived' by 'musikpirat' long time no hear - glad your back! as usual you did deliver an excellent remix. bravo!
...playful and how you delivered it is really crafty. i was looking through the site to find pieces to remix that would fit within t
review of 'i can't let go' by 'texasradiofish' placement and panning of instruments and voices delivers depth within the sound space and...
review of 'h o l d m e b a c k' by 'robert warrington' strong delivery of the raw, intense lyrics and a powerful mix. [up][/up]
review of 'heavy heat dreams' by 'snowflake' "dreams come frantic yet unknown to deliver me in a wild dance to the soft darkness beyond...
review of 'you're all i've got' by 'sackjo22' tasty setting for mwic's deadpan delivery. very enjoyable.
review of 'generic chase scene' by 'ben blohowiak' the guitar delivers; i appreciate the snare sound and how it is used as well.
review of 'no you damn worry' by 'kara square' beautiful story. beautiful sentiment. and lovingly delivered. thank you for sharing this, ...
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