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...n hear this kind of delivery. the softer tones are enchanting, and make this an amazing track
review of 'b r i n g i t b a c k' by 'kara square' fantastic!! i love your lyrics, vocals, delivery... bravo! it's so wonderful to hear...
review of 'the upright piano' by 'kara square' another well-written song with a great delivery!
review of 'medicine' by 'kara square' well-written and delivered. i love the line "there's still beauty where the scars remain."
review of 'world war 3' by 'kara square' brilliant songwriting. strong, emotionally compelling delivery. and yeah! that raw passion that ...
...ll-written and well-delivered. thanks so much for sharing your songs here, kevin!
review of 'i lost the blues' by 'kara square' your lyrics and delivery here are remarkable. just had to say that after listening to radio...
review of 'lost' by 'spinningmerkaba' i'm a fan sparky. and you keep delivering choice tracks that are catchy and well produced. this m...
... in a way that once delivered cannot be forgotten.
review of 'on the bridge' by 'loveshadow' alita rising. feels like an ocean breeze, in its sentiment and delivery, always impressed.
review of 'spring death - kara square and piero peluche' by 'texasradiofish' great delivery, p provides a bright rhythmic groove that wel...
...eautiful lyrics and delivery. so full of love... it's an honor to be part of this mix... singing with the sirens and whales. thank y
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