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review of 'the rebellion goes on' by 'sackjo22' the music supports your words and delivery perfectly so that i really feel what you descr...
review of 'the rebellion goes on' by 'kara square' very cool mix. i love the sound of your spoken word delivery -- it works so well with ...
review of 'soul and body ft airtone' by 'cube3 (sjef van leeuwen)' gratitude for delivering airtone a remix of his work and filling in fo...
...lse about the vocal delivery. the lyrics are strong and the accompaniment is entirely apt. such a sad backstory for such a potent co
...lake's legato vocal delivery makes for an interesting contrast to the drums. and susan's bass is that glue. thanks for the include!
...c robert warrington delivery i dig. it's great to hear a new one from you and i love that you used an unreal_dm track. the blues are
...reat story and well-delivered!
review of '((c o n f i d e n c e))' by 'robert warrington' beautiful singing and powerful delivery of the spoken word sections. the parts...
review of 'the coney beach rat pack' by 'kara square' how cool. your writing and delivery makes me feel like i was there. wonderful backi...
...he syncopated vocal delivery of the lyrics with jav's guitar. very cool. p.s. it's great to hear a new song from you patronski!
review of 'someone ?' by 'darkroom' da righteous tune mon. love the delivery of the vox and the message is spot on.
review of 'daily deliveries' by 'speck' you must upload as an mp3 or the player doesn't appear.
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