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I Breathe
by Snowflake
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Sat, Feb 25, 2023 @ 10:02 PM

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permalink   Sat, Feb 25, 2023 @ 10:43 PM
What an epic journey. The vocal harmonies are a great touch. Nice breathing effects too. This definitely has a cinematic vibe.
permalink   Sat, Feb 25, 2023 @ 11:19 PM
“In the case of all things which have several parts and in which the totality is not, as it were, a mere heap, but the whole is something beside the parts, there is a cause; …” - Aristotle

The misquotation “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” fits here as praise in the vernacular yet does it mock Euclid? “:0)

Dig the spatial cinematic backing track with depth and a groove. Ed Pick!
permalink   Sun, Feb 26, 2023 @ 12:34 AM
What are the chances? These synchronicities are what make secret mixters the best. Nice one Snowflake!
permalink   Sun, Feb 26, 2023 @ 12:49 AM
Stunning work
permalink   Sun, Feb 26, 2023 @ 1:08 AM
Fabulous, thank you for this trip, the cooperation works successfully to celebrate the blue hour together.

Your voice is captivating in this mix

permalink   Sun, Feb 26, 2023 @ 2:14 AM
Admiral Bob
permalink   Sun, Feb 26, 2023 @ 3:43 AM
The best music sounds like a dream I am remembering, like something that has always existed that you recollect primordially.

This is that. Just lovely.
permalink   Sun, Feb 26, 2023 @ 5:19 AM
I was actually hoping very much that you would breathe, since a LOT of stuff was thrown at you this week and I wasn’t sure you could…
Much love, entrancing track.
permalink   Sun, Feb 26, 2023 @ 9:37 AM
Well Deserved Ed Pic
permalink   Sun, Feb 26, 2023 @ 11:43 AM
OMG! what you did with the track, I am blown away and beyond grateful!
Them vocal harmonies!!
Amazing Work!!
Kara Square
permalink   Mon, Feb 27, 2023 @ 1:52 PM
A work of art… heart expanding art… brilliant lyrics… ethereal vocals… and the rhythm of your delivery… love it.
Robert Warrington
permalink   Wed, Mar 1, 2023 @ 9:50 AM
Really great melding of your song concept and your samples.