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Reviews left by Rewob

Sun, Mar 17 5:59 AM Rewob review of GLASSHEART by Siobhan Dakay
Beautiful balance between vocal and guitar. A great listen whilst chilling with ...
Sun, Mar 3 4:14 AM Rewob review of Not yet (Acid) by musikpirat
Magic! Nice crunchy bassline, nice work.
Sun, Mar 3 4:11 AM Rewob review of Go Ahead And Rock Me by Apoxode
Great track. Sample mashing at its best.
Sun, Mar 3 4:08 AM Rewob review of Eigengrau (Total Darkness) by musikpirat
Great energy track. Something about filtering synths, takes me back to my first ...
Sun, Mar 3 4:04 AM Rewob review of In a groove by Anchor
Retro groove. I love it.
Sun, Mar 3 4:02 AM Rewob review of All The Same Patterns by Apoxode
Clean and trippy
Mon, Feb 12 3:01 AM Rewob review of The Past is back by Bluemillenium
I really think this a great track. All the little sonic stereo snippets and supe...
Mon, Feb 12 2:34 AM Rewob review of lightSoy by airtone
I listened to this track with headphones, what a fantastic chilled out journey. ...
Mon, Feb 12 2:21 AM Rewob review of Alchemist Apprentice by Snowflake
What a superb song. Beautifully crafted weave of instruments and vocals, perfect...
Mon, Feb 12 2:10 AM Rewob review of Broken Plastik by Vidian
Nice light funky track. Stereo arp and atmospheric vocals, what's not to like. G...
Mon, Feb 12 2:01 AM Rewob review of Ascending (Hexagram 46) by SackJo22
I love the vibe of this track. The vocal and pulsing music blend beautifully.
Mon, Feb 12 1:55 AM Rewob review of GRAND CIRCLES by Ant.Survila
Thanks for this superb mix. I love the light and shade in this track. A thorough...
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