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Fri, Mar 29 9:33 PM Darkroom review of Traveling Lights (Sitting On The Floor mix) by Speck
Enjoying this idea of yours and her vocals were meant for this guitar.
Sat, Mar 9 2:03 PM Darkroom review of When I was You by Vidian
Love this loopy style that just sets you in a trance state.
Wed, Feb 21 7:47 PM Darkroom review of Find A Reason by Zenboy1955
This is great and can't believe just hearing now. I really appreciate the inclus...
Sun, Feb 11 9:42 AM Darkroom review of We have Arrived by Hans Atom
Rocking jam!
Sun, Feb 11 8:57 AM Darkroom review of Ascending (Hexagram 46) by SackJo22
phew this is badass, love the entire thing!
Sun, Feb 11 8:51 AM Darkroom review of Love is the Power by ScOmBer
So smooth and chill.
Sun, Feb 11 8:48 AM Darkroom review of The Past is back by Bluemillenium
Nice dub style to back Kara's great vox.
Sat, Feb 10 11:23 PM Darkroom review of H A R I - H A R I A N by SO SHA
great vox and providing the description of where they were recorded, can almost ...
Sat, Feb 10 11:19 PM Darkroom review of You Got Me Cookin' by ScOmBer
Silky smoove and well worth the ed pick.
Sat, Feb 10 11:18 PM Darkroom review of Storm on the Brew ft martinsea by Apoxode
Great remix and can definitely feel the storm.
Sat, Feb 10 9:55 PM Darkroom review of Alchemist Apprentice by Snowflake
lol, we could have just collaborated since I got you and you got me! Love the re...
Fri, Dec 29 10:16 AM Darkroom review of WatchOut Now by RizKeyG
Good sounding club jam.
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