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review of 'harmony to heresy' by 'panu' beautiful song. . .timeless delivery. . . many [up][/up][up]'s up!!!
review of 'hawkesbury river visit' by 'kara square' ahhhh... what a beautiful perspective, beautifully delivered. lovely, deb. thank you ...
review of 'gold' by 'kara square' beautiful imagery and delivery. thought-provoking.
review of 'perspectives ***' by 'speck' nice mood match with the vocal delivery.
review of 'the mobil incident' by 'kara square' love your calm, level-headed delivery. thought-provoking in multiple ways... i have to ...
...ritten. beautifully delivered.
review of 'loss in the skyline' by 'kara square' stirring and compelling... passionate delivery. completely relatable to all of us tree-h...
...tered mix that just delivers.
...f sound that really delivers, with subtle nuances and new things to discover each listen.
review of 'longed for day (vo1k1 mix)' by 'nickillus' really absorbing tableau of sounds, delivering a great slice of what i believe migh...
review of 'secrets of egypt' by 'kara square' love it. solid delivery. excellent lyrics. thank you so much for sharing your skills!
...spirited lyrics and delivery. so cool how you've given remixers the boundless gift of possibilities with all of your various vocal s
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