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Viewing 156 - 168 of 884 matches total your voice and delivery. and yeah! we're not jailed, yet! high five!!!
... great... love your delivery.
...into spanish! great delivery too.
review of 'now' by 'scomber' nice to see you back susan with an important well delivered message. nice! [up][/up]
...f long standing) to deliver one of my favorite surprise messages: "you got remixed!" thanks, mj!
... and great lyrics & delivery by panu. respect. [up][/up]
...tten with exquisite delivery... perfectly punctuating the adaptation theme. thank you for sharing this, susan. it's so great to hear
review of 'venus and the moon (ft. javolenus)' by 'javolenus' beautiful words & delivery, rob. thanks so much for using my guitar as the ...
review of 'adaptation is surrender (pell)' by 'kara square' excellent vocal and delivery. it's so nice to know there are other [i]weirdos...
review of 'menthol (take the chance) - pella' by 'kara square' excellent lyrics. soulful delivery. sung from the heart as a powerful gif...
review of 'the test' by 'speck' sweet deliverance. smooth mood and great sound.
review of 'the singularity' by 'kara square' rarrrr! yes. heavy metal is perfect for this. you never fail to deliver killer metal tracks....
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