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review of 'esplanade blues' by 'kara square' awesome lyrics, as always. i like your delivery, as usual. you definitely bring the [blue]bl...
review of 'smoothie' by 'speck' very cool. perfect blend of in there and out there. you always deliver.
... voice is perfectly delivered... mournful... but peaceful and alluring.
review of 'winter sonnets (ft. javolenus & magmavander)' by 'javolenus' that's a cool idea. and great vocal delivery. many thanks for inc...
review of 'showbiz for the ugly' by 'speck' damn straight. really well done. well written, well delivered and well produced.
review of 'altar' by 'kara square' whoa! this is fantastic! your voice and delivery is stellar. i can't wait to hear the remixes... welco...
review of 'it just might be' by 'latopa' panu always
review of 'playing favorites' by 'kara square' yes! this is fantastic! dig your lyrics, delivery, and harmonies. thanks for sharing a lit...
...d genres. wonderful delivery and open to a lot a flexibility for such a distinct pell. *meow*
review of 'unconditional' by 'kara square' super-sweet lyrics and delivery, andy!
review of 'fallin' in love with you' by 'kara square' such a sweet delivery! totally jazzy! i can hear this swingin' and beboppin'... i c... excellent vocal delivery, too. i go from utter despair to forced hopeful at such a rapid rate these days... never thought we'd
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