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...ned team. your calm delivery creates a comfortable space for contemplation... thank you for sharing this.
... as usual you have delivered a top quality mix.
review of 'she's a ghost (vocals only)' by 'kara square' man, i love this! hella fun werewolf howls. your vocal delivery makes me think o...
review of 'honey, just don't' by 'texasradiofish' listened to the pell. good job of envelopment and delivery, sk
review of 'a dream within a dream' by 'subliminal' you've painted a most fitting atmosphere for this well delivered poem.
review of 'horror story cavernous' by 'kara square' your delivery is spectacularly spooky! well done!
review of 'harvey and louisa' by 'kara square' the simplicity of your mix delivers a focus on the importance of the vocals. it's groundin...
... and all the others delivering reasons to "rise up")
review of 'tools of the trade' by 'mr_yesterday' hey, speck, thanks for delivering another great kick in the pants. it makes me think my ...
review of 'deliver me' by 'panu' really nice use of the space, mr. speck. [up][/up][up][/up][up][/up] thxs. . . . . . !
... to your mix and it delivered. i had a similair problem and was trying to achieve something like this. but this is something else [u
review of 'deliver me' by 'reiswerk' very exciting music!
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