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review of 'trapped beneath the waves' by 'speck' an excellent mood match for the vocal delivery. well done.
review of 'tom whale' by 'kara square' captivating storytelling. your vocal delivery is so darn cool. love it.
review of 'whale song (pella)' by 'kara square' brilliant songwriting, scomber! wonderful delivery, too. thank you for sharing your pell....
review of 'control' by 'kara square' excellent songwriting and vocal delivery. powerful.
review of 'notice me' by 'kara square' deeply moving... heartbreaking and heart-opening... your vocal delivery in this is a thing of arti...
review of 'menthol' by 'loveshadow' with bobs great delivery and your varied time signatures you seem to have built something of a rock ...
...eing late, i had to deliver in time compositionally finished but completely unmixed and i can hear the difference). only the end is
review of 'when dignity is lost' by 'javolenus' cool words & delivery [up][/up]
review of 'run out of time' by 'kara square' this hit me in the gut. very well-written and well-produced. great vocal delivery, too.
review of 'the fingered word' by 'panu' excellent lyric & delivery, as usual. . . [up][/up]
review of 'an easter story' by 'scomber' clever lyrics, judas swinging from a tree! great sound and delivery !
...arn babies were not delivered from storks. they were too busy teaching english/mathematics and the history of america mostly rigged.
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