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...f the message being delivered by shagrugge. you still get a 5.00 from me for an excellent job!
...which fits with the delivery. you are getting the mileage out of that organ, and it could appear more often. i like that this
porchcat's review of 'state of the union address (have not mix)' great rant! good content and wonderful delivery. inspires itself to use ...
...up high, and didn't deliver.
porchcat's review of 'down to the minimal pella' good message, wry sense of humour, nice delivery. the end is particulary catchy. wonderf...
porchcat's review of 'contradictions' good contribution! nicely delivered, good sound to the recording, excellant substance. lends itself...
porchcat's review of 'the siren' i've probably listened to this short piece about two dozen times now. the delivery is good, but the word...
porchcat's review of 'untimelymeditations' potent stuff and well delivered. i like the sound of the recording. it's certainly part of the...
...ean the timing. the delivery pacing is always very good. this is probably one of my favorite pellas you've posted, at least for the
... emcees with smooth delivery styles.
teru review of "bowen hill" that's what i call mixing. brilliant combo and delivery.
...beat cadence of his delivery can overwhelm a song. here, it might be interesting to cut the poem up a bit, to create some spaces fro
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