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review of 'driving away from u' by 'audiotechnica' this is beautiful, great emotion and delivery. very very nice. this piece. your delivery, your embellishments both sensitive and soulful. excellent work.
...have such a bizarre delivery of them.
review of 'close my eyes' by 'subliminal' great poem and a great delivery. i have already said so over at mi7 at audiotechnica's profile ...
review of 'the view' by 'illusivemind' love your voice and your delivery! this is perfect for a new track.
...s and the plaintive delivery. i've always thought turkish love songs are so sad...all desperately tragic...and you've somehow caught
...nd 3.10 because the delivery works better to "sell" me the idea of the song rather than the earlier, more "impasssioned" vocals.
...tand and very fluid delivery. i'd like to hear the bass up slightly, and a bit of poppin' hat, but not so far up as to be a distr
review of 'where earth meets sea (a love story)' by 'shagrugge' your stuff is awesome you have a very natural sounding delivery to your r...
...ery nice poetry and delivery.
review of 'pneuma' by 'gurdonark' excellent. the recording is imperfect, but the spoken word track and your delivery really work.
...ur precious time to deliver another piece of fine internet entertainment and all some can do is debate the brass setting on that old
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