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Reviews left by shockshadow

Sat, Mar 24 10:52 AM shockshadow review of "Layla Jones" by Ghost_k (Ghost Kollective)
Ok, this has got to be the fly-est original hip-hop song on ccmixter...seriously...
Sat, Mar 24 10:34 AM shockshadow review of I Wonder What I'll Do Today by tacet
Very nice tacet! Smooth, rich...very relaxing mix. Great job! :)
Sat, Mar 10 9:07 PM shockshadow review of Velvet Robe (Originally by Narva9) by tacet
Hey this is nice! It has a 'storybook' feel to it. I really like it. I think t...
Fri, Mar 9 8:17 PM shockshadow review of Surreal in Vienna by _ghost
Such an interesting tapestry of sound! Great creativity my friend. :)
Fri, Mar 9 8:16 PM shockshadow review of U_F_O " F I X I N G M Y B R A I N " ( Final ReMix ) by U_F_O
UFO, i love this track. great upbeat vibe to it. you really captured the 'soul...
Fri, Mar 9 8:05 PM shockshadow review of Ana (cinematrik's smooth dub) by cinematrik
i love this elroy. seriously. truly a contemplative trip of monumental proport...
Fri, Mar 9 7:59 PM shockshadow review of February (Mumblemix) by Incoherent Mumble Train
wow. love this man. just love it. awesome lounge stuff.
Sun, Jan 28 7:41 PM shockshadow review of "Stop" (blue mix) by Ghost_k (Ghost Kollective)
VERY nice guys...excellent vibe. i'm gonna have to try my hand at my own mix of...
Sat, Jan 20 8:27 PM shockshadow review of Empty Dragon by cdk
awesome mix man...very cool. i can see this being a backtrack for a video game!...
Fri, Dec 22 11:07 PM shockshadow review of Mind Field by DJ BLUE
Wow Blue, you've got mad skillz on the beat manipulation. I love the sync'd fee...
Fri, Dec 22 10:59 PM shockshadow review of "Sad" Vybe remix. by cdk
damn...i'm definitely feelin the vybe in this one. *snickerz* great collaborat...
Fri, Dec 22 10:54 PM shockshadow review of "Re-Count" by cdk
Dood, this freakin ROX! i love it. awesome loopwerk. :)
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