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Reviews left by shockshadow

Sun, Sep 17 1:34 AM shockshadow review of The Cristal Method by MC Jack in the Box
trippy dood! i like it...reminds me of Outkast in a way...hehe. nice work. :)
Sun, Sep 17 12:50 AM shockshadow review of Crazy Breaks. by cdk
very nice cdk! i like it! :)
Tue, Sep 12 9:36 PM shockshadow review of Nebulous Advice by teru
Awesome dood. I like the laid back jazzy feel to it...very clean. :)
Tue, Sep 12 4:48 PM shockshadow review of Nebulous Advice by Ran Dumb Dots...... .. .
Beautiful work Dots...I hope I did it justice with my mix. :)
Wed, Sep 6 6:32 AM shockshadow review of Brilliant by teru
wow teru...i love the feel of this mix. very smooth, nicely chilled. :)
Wed, Sep 6 4:54 AM shockshadow review of "Certified High" by cdk
Good stuff're taking the techno skills up another notch! :)
Wed, Sep 6 4:51 AM shockshadow review of NO REGRETS by FORENSIC
Awesome lyrics man. I hope I did it justice in my remix.
Tue, Aug 29 3:09 PM shockshadow review of Trifonic Blast pt.2 by cdk
Sweet mix guys. I like the darker edge later in the track...very cool. :)
Thu, Jul 27 9:22 AM shockshadow review of Eventide by Ben Shewmaker
This is absolutely beautiful Ben. You have captured the 'feel' of the night, an...
Wed, Jul 26 12:39 AM shockshadow review of Fixing My Brain (bill berry mix) by William Berry
I like the feel to this track. It's got a light, surreal, happy kind of feel. ...
Tue, Jul 25 5:44 AM shockshadow review of Like A Sunrise by Diane_Jessurun
Boy am I rude! I go and use your wonderful voice in my music and don't even rev...
Tue, Jul 25 5:32 AM shockshadow review of Desprendere by Klaus_N
Awesome work Klaus. You've remixed and matched samples like a pro! Sounds top ...
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