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Reviews left by shockshadow

Fri, Jun 9 10:51 AM shockshadow review of Criminal background by _ghost
I have to say ghost, this is my favorite of all your tracks so far. It has a wo...
Fri, Jun 9 10:47 AM shockshadow review of Sound Wanderer by _ghost
Really cool World Music feel to this one ghost...great job!
Thu, Jun 8 6:39 PM shockshadow review of NadaNada by SilviaO
Awesome vocal track. Very sampler friendly...great recording quality and very u...
Wed, Jun 7 1:16 PM shockshadow review of Nada by MC Jack in the Box
wow...awesome work man! great feel to this one.
Wed, Jun 7 1:12 PM shockshadow review of Nebula Dub by _ghost
Music to my ears! :)
Tue, May 30 11:02 AM shockshadow review of "Spirit Quest" ft. PorchCat (piano dust mix) by cdk
Excellent track my friend! Damn. Those beats are infectious! I really really ...
Tue, May 23 9:47 PM shockshadow review of "The Pudding" by cdk
kewl stuff. couple of suggestions. do some chord changes. in the beginning, t...
Wed, May 3 7:16 AM shockshadow review of My Name is teru and I'll be Your Tour Guide Today by teru
wow teru, you are truly a ccmixMASTER. absolutely amazing mix. i must admit, i ...
Mon, Apr 24 12:09 AM shockshadow review of Being There by Clive Mollart
This is an amazing track Planck. I truly 'get it'. Dunno why all the low ratin...
Sun, Apr 23 11:59 PM shockshadow review of Virtual Freak by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
shake it baybay! *jumps on desk* lol...
Sun, Apr 23 11:50 PM shockshadow review of Fade Out - remix by teru
beautiful man. :)
Sun, Apr 23 11:47 PM shockshadow review of No Rebuttal(2006-1963 mix) by teru
CYPRESS HIL-....i mean...TERU!!! :)
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