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Reviews left by shockshadow

Fri, Dec 8 2:09 PM shockshadow review of "Good Now" cdk exclusive (demo mix) by cdk
Nice work cdk. Lower the bass a bit on the beats, and lower the volume on the v...
Wed, Nov 29 4:05 PM shockshadow review of Who Am I To Disagree(Minima) by minimal_art
wow...great work! cool sophisticated vibe goin on here. :)
Fri, Nov 17 6:12 PM shockshadow review of Velvet Robe by narva9
cool stuff! i'll be taking a shot at this... :)
Thu, Nov 9 4:53 PM shockshadow review of Thoughtwander by gurdonark
Neat feel to this one Gurdonark...i like it alot. i see synapses firing all ove...
Wed, Nov 8 2:31 AM shockshadow review of "S1deSh0w" by cdk
Eat your heart out Trent Reznor... :)))))
Wed, Nov 8 2:25 AM shockshadow review of FEW-SHUN by DJ BLUE
i really love this one man. it has a surreal quietness to it that works very we...
Wed, Nov 8 2:05 AM shockshadow review of Sunset Shadow (gettin laid mix) by cdk
Simply Awesome. :)
Sat, Oct 7 9:02 PM shockshadow review of In My Dreams - by teru
Excellent interpretation teru! you are tha ccMASTAH! :)
Tue, Sep 26 3:25 PM shockshadow review of Fantasy by norelpref
awesome. i'm going to do something with this one for sure. :)
Tue, Sep 26 3:22 PM shockshadow review of es tarde (n.pref remix) by norelpref
Wow, your guitar skills are truly inspiring. Thank you for contributing. :)
Tue, Sep 26 3:15 PM shockshadow review of Sick as a Dog (bs remix) by Ben Shewmaker
Wow Ben! Awesome creation. Excellent vibe to this track. :)
Sun, Sep 17 1:38 AM shockshadow review of sevenhundredbeats by duncan_beattie
Beautiful man. Nothin else to say. :)
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