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Reviews left by shockshadow

Tue, Feb 7 11:19 AM shockshadow review of Dub Philosophy (Mad _ghost mix) by _ghost
i really really like this. has a great organic feel to it, and keeps the listen...
Sun, Jan 29 8:12 PM shockshadow review of The Message by SHAD0W_C
i agree with cdk, we were bouncing samples back and forth and it definitely help...
Sun, Jan 29 1:02 PM shockshadow review of Borrow and Take by ASHWAN
DAMN. Ashwan, you are a MIXING FIEND! : )))))
Sun, Jan 29 12:59 PM shockshadow review of Surveying Park Hill Prairie by gurdonark
absolutely genius man...this is my type of stuff. : )))
Sat, Jan 28 10:46 PM shockshadow review of Dream-off by C.Portable
hehe...clever track. i like it. it's rich and melodic, without taking itself t...
Sat, Jan 28 10:41 PM shockshadow review of Sometimes by teru
ok dont hate me for this teru, but i gotta be honest. the vocals and the reverb...
Sat, Jan 28 10:34 PM shockshadow review of Donīt Stop REMIX by DaMo awesome. period. : )
Sat, Jan 28 10:31 PM shockshadow review of Monogomous by MC Jack in the Box
EXCELLENT use of samples. all goes together perfectly. very nice! : )
Thu, Jan 26 12:08 PM shockshadow review of Reverse Rose by skoria
kinda reminds me of Biosphere. : )
Thu, Jan 26 12:00 PM shockshadow review of Bowen Hill by gurdonark
very nice. i like how the piano notes match the wind note at certain points. :...
Thu, Jan 26 9:10 AM shockshadow review of "Look to la Luna" by cdk
dood, i totally get this one. i think this may be my favorite track of yours no...
Thu, Jan 26 8:47 AM shockshadow review of All in Good Fun by teru
lol. : )
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