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Reviews left by shockshadow

Mon, Apr 17 7:54 PM shockshadow review of Missing You (Originally by ShockShadow) by tacet
Wow. tacet, you have captured the soul of my song and truly amplified it. abso...
Wed, Apr 12 10:28 PM shockshadow review of Whatever Asee Mix by hezekiah
i like, i like! gettin a cool Outkast vibe from this one. *puff* ;)
Mon, Apr 10 4:15 PM shockshadow review of remember this (down mix) by cdk
sweet man! :)
Mon, Apr 10 4:13 PM shockshadow review of Remember the Name (Mo's mix) by Mo
excellent. :)
Mon, Apr 10 4:07 PM shockshadow review of Fort Minor - Remember The Name PNM Refix by PNM
good job man. good to see you actually bothered to sync up the vocals and make ...
Fri, Apr 7 8:03 PM shockshadow review of Blow This Scene Exp by beatbros
i really really like this. got a cool 80's progressive feel to it. love the ba...
Thu, Apr 6 3:42 PM shockshadow review of Fiesta by rupert1073
wow. this is now in my top ten for this site. unbelievable. :)
Thu, Apr 6 3:34 PM shockshadow review of Dismember the name by Gerador Zero
awesome work on the beats! nice bass and synth backing too. vocals are sync'd ...
Thu, Apr 6 9:02 AM shockshadow review of State of Everyday Madness (Originally by GhostK) by tacet
awesome stuff. really really awesome! any chance of posting the acapellas?
Thu, Apr 6 8:55 AM shockshadow review of Remeber the Name (Dubby Hip Hop) by Sven-Tone
totally agree with teru...a bit too repetitive, but nice idea on the reggae tip.
Thu, Apr 6 8:52 AM shockshadow review of Everyday Bboy(cranium contact mix) by shagrugge
good stuff man. i like how u switched up the beats and vocals enough to make it...
Thu, Apr 6 8:49 AM shockshadow review of Remember The Name (db0 Metal On Metal Remix) by db0
interesting interpretation. i'm not a big fan of the metallic reverb on the voc...
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