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Missing You (Originally by ShockShadow)

uploaded: Mon, Apr 17, 2006 @ 4:30 PM
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Many thanks to Shocky for the awesome intrumental around which this is based.

I’m making something of a habit of using other peoples themes lately, something I’m not used to so it’s kinda fun…and I need the practice.

Just me singing and an oboe added to this one….

Anyhue, here’s the words for those who are interested :

Missing you
Tacet & Shockshadow

For one moment, just one time
I’d love this instant, to define
All that I am, all that I have…. to give
All that you want, all that you need….to live

…and if I say, I don’t like things your way,
please don’t pretend you’re so keen to amend,
the way you choose to be, the things you are to me.

…and if you say, you don’t want things my way,
if I fail to defend or give reasons to friends,
it’s the way I choose to be, and maybe you don’t see….

How I’m…..
Missing You
See "How I Did It"

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"Missing You (Originally by ShockShadow)"
by tacet

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