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Reviews left by shockshadow

Thu, Mar 23 5:35 AM shockshadow review of Get Down ft. Curious by cdk
very VERY cool man. :)
Thu, Mar 23 5:30 AM shockshadow review of Remember the Name - remix by teru
HOTT! :)
Mon, Mar 20 5:11 PM shockshadow review of Git sum respect by prinsW
i like this a whole lot, but i would have loved to hear the vocals done a bit mo...
Mon, Mar 20 5:07 PM shockshadow review of Hip Life Flows (Ft. Mothers) by Ekow Abaka da P.F.
what can i's ok, just kinda boring to me. it needs more. right...
Mon, Mar 20 4:58 PM shockshadow review of Blissful Strides Remembered by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
dood this is hot! love it. ***** :)
Mon, Mar 20 4:55 PM shockshadow review of Remember the Name (Kaschke & Mauer Remix) by herr kaschke
lol...damn. ***** :)
Mon, Mar 20 4:50 PM shockshadow review of The Next Step by Trifonic
this is freakin kewl! love the edgy guitars and synth work with that hip hop fe...
Sun, Feb 19 2:31 PM shockshadow review of Nujazzologist (artifact bloom mix) by shagrugge
I like this ALOT. Clever mixing of vocals, and complex beats and chords. Very ...
Sun, Feb 19 2:24 PM shockshadow review of Fly Dream - Zrox remix by Z-ROX
I love this track! Trancy, and laid back...great music for a looooong road trip...
Sat, Feb 11 3:22 PM shockshadow review of Episode 7 by Ben Shewmaker
wow. that's all i can say. this track is absolutely beautiful. i think you've...
Sat, Feb 11 3:15 PM shockshadow review of Episode 2 by Ben Shewmaker
got lots of potential on this one. i'd use a dual oscillator with some detune o...
Sat, Feb 11 3:10 PM shockshadow review of Troposphere by Ben Shewmaker
Very nice composition. The bell sequences are really captivating. I'd try to s...
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