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Reviews left by shockshadow

Wed, Apr 5 2:19 AM shockshadow review of Remember The Name ( Opaque Mix ) by mofnous
creative use of effects, but the bass line is missing...that help...
Wed, Apr 5 2:08 AM shockshadow review of Remember The Name (NoFaCe HalfBreedStr8 Flava Mix) by noface_halfbreed
Excellent job NoFaCe. Great work on switching up the whistle track and the dela...
Wed, Apr 5 2:01 AM shockshadow review of Sunrise by deutscheunschuld
wow! this really sounds great man. the only suggestion i have is to maybe time s...
Sat, Apr 1 3:32 PM shockshadow review of Night Rain in April by gurdonark
wow...gurd, you truly have an ear for ambient. blown away man. :)
Sat, Apr 1 3:29 PM shockshadow review of remenber the name(the underground of Tokyo? remix) by monjpn
definitely got those beats locked...i likey. would like to hear some droning dn...
Fri, Mar 31 5:37 PM shockshadow review of Remember The Name ( Translucent Mix ) by mofnous
Ok...sorry Gurd, but I have to part with you on this one. This is AWESOME! I a...
Fri, Mar 31 4:46 PM shockshadow review of Remember feat.Fort Minor (Ghetto Metal Mix) by KCentric
awesome energy on this one! :)
Fri, Mar 31 4:44 PM shockshadow review of Remember The Name (inki's essence remix) by inki
this is definitely one of the better mixes of this song i've heard so far.
Fri, Mar 31 4:42 PM shockshadow review of So Cruel - remix by teru
very cool dood. i'm picturing a guy driving down the strip in Las Vegas, late a...
Fri, Mar 31 4:34 PM shockshadow review of Restless by Clive Mollart
This is really beautiful Planck. Very nice mood music. Gives a sense of solitu...
Sat, Mar 25 12:21 PM shockshadow review of "state of every day madness" by Ghost_k (Ghost Kollective)
*shreaks* the mushrooms are after me!!! they're AFTER ME!!!!
Thu, Mar 23 5:39 AM shockshadow review of sued for sampling 2 by cdk
Ok, I have to say, for what it's worth...I can absolutely see this being the bac...
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