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Mon, Aug 22 7:14 PM THE "ANT-EATER" review of Mistaken Identity ( bad rap edition) by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
Tranquil and elogant... I cannot snatch the pebble from you hand master lol
Sat, Jul 16 2:28 PM THE "ANT-EATER" review of can these pitch things by deutscheunschuld
MAN this kut is off da CHAIN!!! Reminds me of AKA's back in the Chi brings back ...
Sat, Jul 16 5:27 AM THE "ANT-EATER" review of religion by deutscheunschuld
I love it ditto!!! Makes me wanna try to see if I can take a stab at it!!!
Thu, Jul 7 8:38 AM THE "ANT-EATER" review of Don't Stop Accapella Feat G-Wills by J.Lang
yo Lang is it possible that I could get a copy of the vocals so I can try my han...
Wed, Jun 29 11:37 AM THE "ANT-EATER" review of The King-teru-remix by teru
Dude this is so tight I thought I should try my hand at it...
Wed, Jun 29 8:18 AM THE "ANT-EATER" review of Steel Jungles by Monty Arnold
This is the stuff that good Dance/House music is made of.It puts me in the mind ...
Wed, Jun 29 8:13 AM THE "ANT-EATER" review of Slither Me Timbres (I HATE U BITCH edition) by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
Da Bomb!!!!! nuff said...
Wed, Jun 29 8:03 AM THE "ANT-EATER" review of Robot Vomit - Cuckoo-REMIX by robotvomit
nice to hear a different approach..... cool Yes very different but very COOL...
Tue, Jun 21 4:10 AM THE "ANT-EATER" review of Cuckoo (lonely remix) by shockshadow
A true Masterpiece!!!
Tue, Jun 21 4:07 AM THE "ANT-EATER" review of Below ( The Dirty Water Mix ) by J.Lang
This is the S.H.I.T.!!! pardon my french...
Fri, Jun 17 12:00 PM THE "ANT-EATER" review of Cuckoo (passive-aggressive mix) by cinematrik
Ditto everyone you did what was hard for most of nailed those vocals. ...
Fri, Jun 3 11:33 AM THE "ANT-EATER" review of BOOJ-WAH-ZHE by Ms.Vybe
I like the feel of this Cutt here.
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