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Reviews left by gurdonark

Sun, Mar 11 7:42 PM gurdonark review of All the Lines by Admiral Bob
Really nice arrangement, good lyrics, good vocals--this song works very well ind...
Sun, Mar 11 7:38 PM gurdonark review of ~aether theories~ by Vidian
My breathy sample of a little naive melody played through a toy plastic (bath)wa...
Sun, Mar 11 7:33 PM gurdonark review of Midnight Temple (featuring 7OOP3D) by Beluga Ten
I like the simple, Asian-music-tinged melody with the more complex, urban backin...
Sun, Mar 11 6:10 AM gurdonark review of The Heart of a Star by Kara Square
That's cool that you went a more chilled direction with this. I like that imager...
Sun, Mar 11 6:05 AM gurdonark review of days go on forever by urmymuse
Propulsive, liberated, fun remix!
Sun, Mar 11 6:00 AM gurdonark review of process (ft. Bluemillenium) by robwalkerpoet
I like your "greatest hits" approach and the way the sections fit together. The ...
Sun, Mar 11 5:55 AM gurdonark review of Anniversary by mwic
This song brings together differing samples in a fitting 10th Anniversary remix....
Sun, Mar 11 5:51 AM gurdonark review of Interstellar Reisepass by Speck
That is a fun remix! It could make a robot dance with clog steps
Tue, Sep 12 8:04 PM gurdonark review of remains (ft. Gurdonark) by robwalkerpoet
These passages in life are so simple and downcast and so important.
Sun, Sep 10 3:57 PM gurdonark review of Transmutation by Kara Square
I like the way you meld these samples into a song. In particular, the way the tr...
Sun, Sep 10 3:52 PM gurdonark review of climate winds rmx by Martin Cee (softmartin)
I like the way the music brings out the urgency in the pells. An interesting mix...
Sun, Sep 10 3:47 PM gurdonark review of nightWalk by airtone
Smooth and pleasant. A good listen.
Sun, Sep 10 5:13 AM gurdonark review of One Life by mykleanthony
Smooth and soothing.
Sun, Sep 10 5:06 AM gurdonark review of 1, 2, 3 by Aussens@iter
This is a good reggae-flavored treatment of this vocal. Well done.
Sun, Sep 10 4:54 AM gurdonark review of remains by urmymuse
I liked that RobWalkerPoet brings poems with a lot of heart onto our site. Here ...