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Reviews left by gurdonark

Tue, Sep 12 8:04 PM gurdonark review of remains (ft. Gurdonark) by robwalkerpoet
These passages in life are so simple and downcast and so important.
Sun, Sep 10 3:57 PM gurdonark review of Transmutation by Kara Square
I like the way you meld these samples into a song. In particular, the way the tr...
Sun, Sep 10 3:52 PM gurdonark review of climate winds rmx by Martin Cee (softmartin)
I like the way the music brings out the urgency in the pells. An interesting mix...
Sun, Sep 10 3:47 PM gurdonark review of nightWalk by airtone
Smooth and pleasant. A good listen.
Sun, Sep 10 5:13 AM gurdonark review of One Life by mykleanthony
Smooth and soothing.
Sun, Sep 10 5:06 AM gurdonark review of 1, 2, 3 by Aussens@iter
This is a good reggae-flavored treatment of this vocal. Well done.
Sun, Sep 10 4:54 AM gurdonark review of remains by urmymuse
I liked that RobWalkerPoet brings poems with a lot of heart onto our site. Here ...
Sun, Sep 10 4:50 AM gurdonark review of Les quatres saisons by Bluemillenium
Excellent job. You take my samples, have fun with them, and make them your own. ...
Sat, Apr 22 10:38 PM gurdonark review of nouvel amour remix by Martin Cee (softmartin)
I like how you pared things back and added the acoustic guitar. I think it might...
Sat, Apr 22 10:05 PM gurdonark review of The Train by Darkroom
I like the street corner where Electronica intersects Rock, particularly if it'...
Sat, Apr 22 9:59 PM gurdonark review of Got me a Woman to Love by Scomber
I don't often mix to pellas, but you make a good point--if I did so more often, ...
Sat, Apr 22 9:53 PM gurdonark review of Unbury Your Heart by Snowflake
I liked the interplay of the two voices and the keyboard. Also, I love science...
Sat, Apr 22 9:34 PM gurdonark review of #MOAD (Transformer) by Siobhan Dakay
There can never be too many daffodils or too many drones. This is a really fun ...
Mon, Oct 31 5:24 AM gurdonark review of Orion by Quarkstar
This remix makes small but distinct changes rather than wholesale changes in the...
Mon, Oct 31 5:18 AM gurdonark review of Escape Pod by Snowflake
Very nicely mixed. I like that lyrical metaphot--it all works very well.