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Reviews left by gurdonark

Mon, May 8 5:47 AM gurdonark review of Pulse by Radioontheshelf
The spare arrangement really highlights the vocal track.
Thu, Sep 15 6:25 AM gurdonark review of Dream of Electronica Sheep by Mana Junkie
Cool! You put my drones to good use here!
Thu, Sep 15 6:18 AM gurdonark review of Somebody is Falling in Love by Ezra Skull
I like the backing here to the 'pella--just the right amount, you refrain from g...
Thu, Sep 15 6:15 AM gurdonark review of The Rebellion Goes On by Admiral Bob
"nobody hears anyone--and the rebellion plods on and on"---great setting for a f...
Mon, Sep 12 5:12 PM gurdonark review of All These Colors ft ScOmBer by Apoxode
I love the energy in this piece--really forceful and fun. The vocal sample spoke...
Mon, Sep 12 5:03 PM gurdonark review of Dreaming Of Ambience by Beluga Ten
Lovely ambient/chill instrumental.
Mon, Sep 12 6:03 AM gurdonark review of Music (Makes Us One) by Snowflake
Excellent lyrics, strong 'pella and a solid mix
Sun, Sep 11 9:05 AM gurdonark review of Dreaming Apoxode by martinsea
I love the use of spoken word here, and the way the mix feels rich and alive.
Tue, Mar 1 7:33 PM gurdonark review of Hourglass MalreTyrium by Siobhan Dakay
That's really good. Really smooth.
Tue, Mar 1 7:28 PM gurdonark review of Imagining Imaginal by SackJo22
Powerful and effective. I particularly like the singing bowls.
Tue, Mar 1 6:04 AM gurdonark review of Send Me Fresh Eyes by Speck
I really like the way that you've taken my sounds in new directions here. For yo...
Tue, Mar 1 5:49 AM gurdonark review of Genesis by spinningmerkaba
This is a really good listen!
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