Reviews left by debbizo

Mon, Nov 11 5:15 AM debbizo review of The Radiant Light by Apoxode
Sipping on the radiant light :-)
Tue, Oct 1 12:55 AM debbizo review of The River by texasradiofish
Nice work texasradiofish! I love the inclusion of the saxophone. Apologies for t...
Thu, Sep 26 6:29 AM debbizo review of Savers by Speck
Quirky...groovy. Thanks for having me in the band.
Tue, Jun 18 5:36 AM debbizo review of Ocean Woman by Mana Junkie
Thank you for the remix. An interesting use of the sample.
Sat, Jun 1 12:51 AM debbizo review of We Were Lost by Mana Junkie
Thanks for the mix. I agree that the vocals are a little quiet in the mix, espec...
Mon, May 13 4:22 AM debbizo review of violet town remix by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Thank you for the remix Martin :-)
Fri, Nov 10 11:09 PM debbizo review of Sad to See by Stefan Kartenberg
Thanks for the remix Stefan. Nice work. I've never been really happy with this s...
Sat, Jul 8 10:26 AM debbizo review of Cold Pimp Man by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Groovy, love it!
Sun, Feb 5 11:57 AM debbizo review of Beach by alqoritm
Wow! Thanks for this. Interesting use of spoken word. I appreciate all your work...
Sun, Oct 30 1:10 PM debbizo review of Slow Notes by Aussens@iter
Thank you so much for this lovely remix of 'Slow Notes' Tobias. I appreciate all...
Sun, Jun 19 3:41 PM debbizo review of The Life o a Poem by Stefan Kartenberg
Thanks for the remix Stefan :-) Creativity lives when you're free to share
Sat, May 21 7:27 AM debbizo review of I have the body of a guitar by Stefan Kartenberg
Thanks for the remix Stefan. It is interesting to hear the spoken word in your v...
Fri, Mar 18 4:07 PM debbizo review of Dream by Platinum Butterfly
Fabulous! Thanks for including my vocal sample :-)
Sun, Nov 15 1:23 AM debbizo review of Be The Track. . . . . by panu
Thank you for the remix Panu. I was assigned you! The native flute is a nice tou...
Tue, Jun 23 5:16 PM debbizo review of the beach 2015 mix by Platinum Butterfly
Fabulous energy! Thanks for the remix Platinum Butterfly