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Reviews left by debbizo

Mon, Oct 13 9:16 PM debbizo review of 2 Pound 9 (Etherial Swamp Mix) by spinmeister
I can't tell you how much I love this...especially the piano...but also the voca...
Mon, Oct 13 4:24 AM debbizo review of Dream of Flight (Levihica Remix) by Attic Ella
Great use of queeniemusic's vocals.
Sun, Oct 12 11:13 PM debbizo review of Ten Years of ccMixter by Speck
I'm honoured to be the 2014 sample. Thanks Speck. What a great idea!
Sun, Oct 12 9:36 PM debbizo review of Breathe the Sun by Snowflake
I love the drumming! ...and the vocals of course.
Sat, Oct 11 6:07 PM debbizo review of The Light feat. debbizo by Attic Ella
Thanks for remixing my vocal sample Levihica - it's funny, I was just 'talking' ...
Fri, Oct 10 3:51 PM debbizo review of Interstellar Noodle by Doxent Zsigmond
Very nice Doxent. Thanks for including my guitar sample you have blended it very...
Thu, Oct 9 5:32 AM debbizo review of Fly to the Rainbow by ScOmBer
The samples work very well together. Lovely
Sun, Oct 5 4:23 PM debbizo review of The Crack In My Universe by Zep Hurme
Wow! Thanks so much for the remix Zep. It sounds amazing and I love the drums.
Sat, Oct 4 5:25 AM debbizo review of Fall For You by Zep Hurme
Wow! Fantastic Zep
Mon, Sep 29 4:58 AM debbizo review of Enjoy the View at 432 (Hz) by Jeris
Wow, an interesting experiment Jeris. Thanks for including me :-)
Sun, Sep 28 2:25 PM debbizo review of Winter comes, autumn leaves. by robwalkerpoet
This is really beautiful and delicate Rob. A lovely relaxing listen first thing ...
Sun, Sep 28 3:37 AM debbizo review of New Earth by CSoul
Wonderful dance track. Well done!
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