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Reviews left by debbizo

Sat, Jun 21 5:11 PM debbizo review of Now We Are One by SackJo22
It's lovely Susan - I adore the words!
Sat, Jun 14 7:48 AM debbizo review of A Foolish Game by Snowflake
Oooohhh! I LOVE it!
Sat, Jun 14 7:17 AM debbizo review of Rey_DM by texasradiofish
Very nice
Fri, May 23 6:56 AM debbizo review of His Kiss by Loveshadow
Great work on the vocals
Wed, May 14 2:42 PM debbizo review of You (Autumn Leaves) by keytronic
Absolutely gorgeous!
Sun, May 4 6:13 AM debbizo review of The Souls of Insects by jacindae
Wow, this is beautiful! How could I have missed it for so long?
Sun, May 4 6:08 AM debbizo review of The Earth is My Church by CSoul
Wow, what a great rock song! The samples work really well together.
Sun, May 4 6:03 AM debbizo review of Listen by Speck
Very creative use of the samples :-)
Wed, Apr 23 5:54 PM debbizo review of Rosebud (feat. Ciggiburns by keytronic
Everything about this is wonderful and fits well together. I love what you have ...
Wed, Apr 23 5:47 PM debbizo review of Wolves by Darkroom
Wow, top notch mix!
Sun, Apr 20 7:19 AM debbizo review of Each Love Story by Kara Square
Same here Kara. Evoked tears. Very emotive with lovely chord progression, especi...
Sun, Apr 20 7:09 AM debbizo review of The Eye of the Owl by Platinum Butterfly
This is amazing! I especially like the way it ends.
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