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Reviews left by debbizo

Fri, Dec 19 4:22 AM debbizo review of O Tannenbop by Speck
Love it! Made me smile :-)
Fri, Dec 19 3:22 AM debbizo review of Holiday Funky Blues by Snowflake
Great lyrics and melody snowflake
Sat, Nov 29 2:24 PM debbizo review of Meditation on Jazz in Blue by Doxent Zsigmond
Exquisite piano
Mon, Nov 17 4:20 AM debbizo review of Rain praise (ft. MC Jackinthebox) by robwalkerpoet
Well done Rob!
Mon, Nov 17 4:14 AM debbizo review of Paradigm Shifter ft. Rob Walker by Platinum Butterfly
Fantastic mix
Mon, Nov 17 3:08 AM debbizo review of Sicksteen (Jazzy Mix) by Doxent Zsigmond
Wow! This is absoutely fantastic Doxii! Such clear, smooth production. And I lov...
Sun, Nov 16 3:25 PM debbizo review of World of Insanity (cdk Secret Trap Mix) by cdk
Thank you for this gift cdk. The production is fantastic...great beat.
Fri, Oct 17 10:01 PM debbizo review of Free Hearts (pell) by Snowflake
Well said!
Fri, Oct 17 9:54 PM debbizo review of That's The Way by wrenchbiscuit
Nice work wrenchbiscuit! Thanks for including me. The samples fit very well toge...
Thu, Oct 16 5:58 AM debbizo review of A Jam With Copperhead by Attic Ella
Great remixing!
Thu, Oct 16 5:55 AM debbizo review of Luv A little Blue Glass Shoe by Speck
It's making me smile too - I thought I was hearing rubber bands ;-)
Tue, Oct 14 4:13 AM debbizo review of Sunday afternoon (Jazz Mix) by Jeris
Lovely Jeris, just lovely :-)
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