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Howmany Is Toomany (remix 500)

uploaded: Sun, Feb 15, 2015 @ 4:29 AM
FeaturingAdmiral Bob, AIR_LOMEG, airtone, Alex, Anchor, annabloom, Bluemillenium, CiggiBurns, Abstract Audio, clairvoyance, colab, copperhead, CSoul, debbizo, diaphane, ephemeral rift, Fireproof_Babies, Gurdonark, Hans Atom, HaveMercy, Dr. Emiliyan Stankov, Javolenus, Stefan Kartenberg, spinningmerkaba, @nop, latopa, panu, timberman, Ivan Chew, Reiswerk, Robbero, robwalkerpoet, SackJo22, Scomber, Shelflife, Siobhan Dakay, Skill_Borrower, texasradiofish, Sturzstrom, unreal_dm, urmymuse, Zep Hurme, Dan_Mantau, keytronic, Martijn de Boer, Quarkstar, rocavaco, snowflake, Jeris, Kara Square
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This is my five hundredth ccMixter remix. I thought I’d mark the occasion with a mix of five hundred one note samples from five hundred of my fellow mixters. But then my next (immediate) thought was ‘that’s ridiculously impractical, maybe I could manage fifty’. So that’s what I did, gathered one note each from fifty mixters. Far from being a difficult task I actually found fifty to be limiting, there are so many talented individuals here sharing their musical skills and sensibilities.
The mix itself? … not one of my best, but it was a fun experiment/experience and hopefully will be seen/heard as a giant thank you to all who make this community such an enjoyable place to be.

In the mix:

bass - Martijn de Boer, Alex, texasradiofish, urmymuse, Sturzstrom
beats - Stefan Kartenberg, CSoul, Quarkstar, Hans Atom, annabloom, Abstract Audio, Reiswerk
flute - ephemeral rift, robwalkerpoet
guitar - airtone, unreal_dm, HaveMercy, copperhead, Javolenus, spinningmerkaba, Admiral Bob, Ivan Chew, Fireproof Babies, panu
horn - latopa, Jeris, rocavaco,Keytronic
piano - Scomber, Siobahn Dakay, colab, Shelflife
rhodes - Zep Hurme
synth - Dan Mantau, @nop, clairvoyance, gurdonark, air lomeg, Skill Borrower, Robbero
uke - debbizo
vocals - SackJo22, Anchor Méjans, snowflake, Diaphane, Kara Square, timberman, Dr, Emiliyan Stankov, Bluemillenium, CiggiBurns

"Howmany Is Toomany (remix 500)"
by Speck

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