Deep Roots Remix Event

Reviews left by debbizo

Sat, Aug 30 2:50 AM debbizo review of You Bet Your Life by texasradiofish
Fabulous! Happy to be a part of this, thanks for including me :-)
Fri, Aug 29 5:05 AM debbizo review of Deeper by Speck
A musical feast!
Thu, Aug 28 2:11 PM debbizo review of O My Beloved Father by CiggiBurns
What a treasure!
Sun, Aug 24 6:33 AM debbizo review of Brazilian Mix by texasradiofish
Oh that sax! Just wonderful and straight to my favourites!
Sun, Aug 24 6:29 AM debbizo review of Forever by Speck
Amazing! Trance inducing, rhythmic and harmonious all at once.
Sun, Aug 24 6:25 AM debbizo review of What This Feels Like by Snowflake
Just beautiful! And happy belated anniversary. :-)
Mon, Aug 18 4:09 AM debbizo review of The Tension An Animal Feels by coruscate
Thank you coruscate. I think this is a really interesting remix and really does ...
Mon, Aug 18 3:55 AM debbizo review of Charlotte's Song by coruscate
I'm glad those vocal samples were of use. Thank you.
Sun, Aug 17 5:40 AM debbizo review of Dear moon, (ft. Doxent) by robwalkerpoet
I love, love, love it! The combination of shakuhachi and glockenspiel tugs at my...
Tue, Aug 12 5:05 AM debbizo review of History + Chemistry (Vocals) by SackJo22
Wonderful vocals Susan. Keen to listen to them again without so much reverb thou...
Fri, Aug 8 10:10 PM debbizo review of Higher by Snowflake
An inspiring collaboration!
Fri, Aug 8 9:48 PM debbizo review of Where are Deb's termites tomorrow? (ft. debbizo & rocavaco) by robwalkerpoet
I like the addition of the xaphoon. Thanks for improving the remix :-)
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