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Reviews left by debbizo

Sun, Apr 20 4:57 AM debbizo review of A Whispered Joke by Kara Square
This is fabulous Kara - how could I have missed it until now?! I like your choic...
Sun, Apr 20 3:44 AM debbizo review of Straight to the Light by Snowflake
Very beautiful, very hopeful.
Sat, Apr 19 7:30 AM debbizo review of The Light by Snowflake
This is gorgeous snowflake and I admire it very much.
Thu, Apr 17 6:17 AM debbizo review of Tommorrow's just another day by Shelflife
I agree with Rey. I've added this to my favourites.
Sat, Apr 12 5:59 AM debbizo review of The Light by Doxent Zsigmond
Lovely. I really like the addition of the sax.
Thu, Apr 3 4:07 PM debbizo review of Dance of the Pixels by Doxent Zsigmond
Nice work. It's begging for a vocal. I wish I had something ready :-)
Fri, Mar 28 6:49 AM debbizo review of Close to Mike jazz mix (ft. oldDog) by CiggiBurns
I just love your vocals Ciggi and what a great match with this track :-)
Thu, Mar 27 5:50 AM debbizo review of Entranced by the beauty by Carosone
This is amazing! I love the combination of bells and vocals
Thu, Mar 27 4:49 AM debbizo review of April (ft calendargirl) by Quarkstar
I love this, but do you have an instrumental track available?
Thu, Mar 27 4:44 AM debbizo review of April's Eskimo Escapade by Beluga Ten
Very creative!
Thu, Mar 27 4:34 AM debbizo review of Under the Velveteen Skies by TheDICE
I agree - very summery, very 80s and good listening :-)
Thu, Mar 27 3:46 AM debbizo review of Tattoo (Candy Flowers Edit) by HEKTOR THILLET (coffeeeurope)
Nice work. I like it a lot.
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