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Reviews left by debbizo

Sat, Sep 27 5:32 AM debbizo review of Abundance by SackJo22
Wow! is all I can say. What a great story and thanks for sharing the photos too.
Tue, Sep 23 3:22 PM debbizo review of Connect >> to Share by ScOmBer
Great work Scomber!
Mon, Sep 22 5:31 AM debbizo review of Homesick by Doxent Zsigmond
Lovely :-)
Fri, Sep 19 3:15 PM debbizo review of She Was Sunny by Loveshadow
Thank you Loveshadow! This is marvellous I enjoyed hearing it performed in a mal...
Tue, Sep 16 2:03 PM debbizo review of We are Electric (A Sexy Dubstep) by SackJo22
Wow! Definitely darkly intense. I can see this being popular in a club setting.
Mon, Sep 8 6:16 AM debbizo review of Run down your gun by Jeris
Nicely done Jeris. I'm not that into hip hop/rap but the female vocal really mak...
Sun, Sep 7 1:56 PM debbizo review of SackJo22 -- Music Connects Us by SackJo22
I agree. You have a lovely voice and CCMixter feels like home :-)
Sun, Sep 7 1:55 PM debbizo review of Music Connects Us promo by _ghost by _ghost
Nice to hear your voice
Sun, Sep 7 4:31 AM debbizo review of Music Connects Us :) by Loveshadow
Wow, you have a great radio voice Loveshadow :-)
Sat, Sep 6 4:05 AM debbizo review of limp paperclips by robwalkerpoet
Nice work Rob. I think I heard some good internal rhymes there
Sat, Aug 30 5:01 PM debbizo review of Red Queen by CiggiBurns
Wonderful lyric and vocal!
Sat, Aug 30 4:51 PM debbizo review of Two Turntables And A Microphone (robomix) by robomusic
I thought I could just hear Three Haiku under the music. How did you use the sam...
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