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Ten Years of ccMixter

uploaded: Sun, Oct 12, 2014 @ 6:19 AM
FeaturingJeris, leinadsorihcak, CM Music, Wired, onalberto, ghost, debbizo, norelpref, Gurdonark, RokZRooM, coruscate
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Inspired by something SackJo22 said I gathered samples from one mixter/upload in each year that ccMixter has been in existence. I didn’t have any particular criteria in mind as I selected samples, except that I took one from October of each year (except 2004, the samples in October that year weren’t a file type that I could open so I went to November).

There are actually eleven sample sources in the ten year span since I used one from the beginning:

2004 Wired Magazine CD - guitar, fx
2005 ghost - guitar
2006 norelpref - guitar
2007 rokzroom - synth
2008 onalberto - synth
2009 CarbonMonoxideMusic - drum hits
2010 gurdonark - synth
2011 Jeris - beats, bass, flute
2012 Coruscate - vocals
2013 leinadsorihcak - beats
2014 debbizo - guitar

Many thanks to all.

"Ten Years of ccMixter"
by Speck

2014 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Noncommercial Sampling Plus

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Editorial pick

Speck paints an ambient sonic tribute, rich in rhythm, melody and tone. “Ten Years of ccMixter” features source material from each of our 10 years and undoubtedly belongs on Soma’s Groove Salad. A must listen.