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Reviews left by debbizo

Sat, Mar 7 5:50 PM debbizo review of When You make Love to Me by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Thanks Martijn - it was crying out for a bass line and drums :-)
Fri, Mar 6 5:26 AM debbizo review of Scomberella Pella (things I love, things I hate_ by ScOmBer
I still love this! I remixed it 4 years ago here
Sat, Feb 28 5:55 AM debbizo review of Motherless Child by Admiral Bob
I love this!
Sat, Feb 21 4:29 PM debbizo review of Howmany Is Toomany (remix 500) by Speck
Great idea! Congratulations Speck and thanks for including my uke note
Tue, Feb 10 4:30 AM debbizo review of Don_t_walk_away by Stefan Kartenberg
I adore this
Sat, Feb 7 3:52 PM debbizo review of Just_Enjoy_the_View by Stefan Kartenberg
Thanks for the lovely remix Stefan. I love the slower tempo and additional instr...
Mon, Jan 12 1:06 PM debbizo review of Cunnamulla by Stefan Kartenberg
Thanks so much Stefan. This is wonderful! I'll have another go at recording the ...
Fri, Jan 9 5:18 PM debbizo review of Whale Bauble by Skill_Borrower
I like it! Nice use of the samples
Fri, Jan 9 5:27 AM debbizo review of Loveshadows Safety Guide To the Online Remix . Part 1 by Loveshadow
:-) Thanks for the safety guide :-)
Fri, Jan 9 5:25 AM debbizo review of Loveshadows_Safety_Guide_To_the_Online_Remix by Stefan Kartenberg
Nice :-) Thanks for the safety guide :-)
Sat, Dec 27 1:09 PM debbizo review of Eldorado by Doxent Zsigmond
Very nice Doxii. Smooth groove and the lovely vocals make it complete. I also li...
Fri, Dec 19 4:27 AM debbizo review of Love Is (Top of my Christmas List) by Snowflake
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