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Reviews left by victor

Wed, Nov 4 2:18 PM victor review of Splice, Cut, Slice by teru
yea, all of the above plus: FUNKY
Wed, Nov 4 2:17 PM victor review of Tiny Funk by _ghost
it's an in-y ! queued for my next podcast...
Wed, Nov 4 2:14 PM victor review of cell by grapes
deep and dope - still and always a fan.
Wed, Nov 4 2:07 PM victor review of Naked (Jacked Up Vybe) by Ms.Vybe
How many dreams can come true today lol - Ms. Vybe + MCJITB wow. This is just so...
Wed, Nov 4 10:36 AM victor review of MusiKaba (ft spinningmerkaba) by Snowflake
I can’t believe I got spinningmerkaba (Victor, are you sure this thing ain’t...
Wed, Nov 4 4:21 AM victor review of Invisible by Drift
I have to say - I'm very moved right now - although it could be sleep deprivatio...
Fri, Oct 16 12:19 PM victor review of Feel Free (Hey Ugly) by teru
Coldplay got nothin on this
Fri, Oct 16 12:13 PM victor review of Murderer The Dirty Water Remix by J.Lang
yea, you murdered it.
Fri, Oct 16 12:04 PM victor review of spinnin by grapes
I really like your ear. If youre not signed up for secret mixup get your ass ove...
Fri, Oct 16 12:00 PM victor review of kids call me bobby by Speck
This is some primo soundscaping. Really soulful and well done!
Fri, Oct 16 11:57 AM victor review of October 12 by onlymeith
wow, sounds like it "just worked" but clearly there's a lot of love and care in ...
Fri, Oct 16 11:45 AM victor review of The Colour of Blue by SackJo22
OK, this is an amazing mix, seriously good song, seriously great treatment. T...
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