Reviews left by victor

Tue, Sep 1 10:12 AM victor review of Deep Down with Boddyker by remaxim
I kinda like the screwed down vocals. In many ways this is better than my origi...
Thu, Aug 27 2:56 PM victor review of Sevivon by SackJo22
Thu, Aug 27 12:23 PM victor review of Moon Mash 4:20 by teru
yup. brilliant.
Thu, Aug 27 2:32 AM victor review of Beatzilla and the Curious George Complex (radio dial mix) by shimoda
woa - there's some serious skills at work here - some of the transitions are at ...
Thu, Aug 27 2:28 AM victor review of Buda Beat / SM6 by panu
heh - another mixer in the closet. You completely, utterly blended your two styl...
Thu, Aug 27 2:25 AM victor review of Morning Dream by gurdonark
pretty spectacular - definitely squeezing the most of the tools nowadays
Wed, Aug 26 10:38 PM victor review of The Secret Fixter by MC Jack in the Box
dam jack - if you wanted a battle you should say so !! ;) This is just .... w...
Wed, Aug 26 9:00 PM victor review of Tearing Paper Pack 1 by mindink
3 words: freesound dot org
Tue, Aug 25 1:28 PM victor review of Man Of Mystery (Woman Of Sin Mix) by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
ok, now things are officially nuts - there were like 30 edpicks uploaded today l...
Tue, Aug 25 1:04 PM victor review of Persephone by Snowflake
This was my first remix, ever. er, well... I'd be hard pressed to find the ri...
Tue, Aug 25 12:52 PM victor review of tekno dizzy by DoKashiteru
this is epic - but would you guys mind making, say, a 30 min. version? If it's n...
Tue, Aug 25 10:30 AM victor review of Sawtooth Jazz secrets by shagrugge
still my favorite cutter after all these years. I know the source material must ...
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