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Tue, Jul 14 3:41 PM victor review of An Infidelic Symphony. Blood, Love & Family by Loveshadow
great, great idea to put the 4nsic rap in there - that really puts it over the t...
Mon, Jul 13 5:46 PM victor review of It's Just a Matter of Time by rustyjam
yea, but can you make it LOUD? stems, please... Thanks, VS
Fri, Jul 10 8:33 PM victor review of HUEY- Say it Loud Mix !!!! by J.Lang
"you deserve a love letter... the struggle continues..." things should really g...
Fri, Jul 10 11:31 AM victor review of Delorean On The Block by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
BAM! dam son - there u r showin all the kiddies what's goin on
Wed, Jul 8 1:09 AM victor review of One for Me by SackJo22
Not to take away an iota from the song itself (after all, I edpick'd it)... b...
Mon, Jul 6 3:41 PM victor review of Maybe I Should Stay by Calling Sister Midnight
amazing vocal (of course) - but you'll need to upload the track without the guit...
Sun, Jul 5 2:27 PM victor review of MLO Sample Pack 1 by MoShang
ok, so I've just gone through and tweaked every sample in this pack and let me s...
Sat, Jul 4 7:40 PM victor review of Let's stop the war by ditto ditto
...and that... ladies and gentlemen... is where the bar has been set. Thank you,...
Fri, Jul 3 12:16 PM victor review of Back to the Future by Briareus
this rocks! ambitious, rowdy - just plain love it - you've got great ears.
Thu, Jul 2 2:18 PM victor review of I Got Chu ! by Loveshadow
really, all samples from the original stems? That's crazy talk! dig the cho...
Thu, Jul 2 2:08 PM victor review of Seeding Time by Carosone
now, you see, this a great mix and the samples would be very useful for remixing...
Thu, Jul 2 12:35 AM victor review of Nessun Dorma by Dr. Emiliyan Stankov
uh - wow - thanks!
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