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Maybe I Should Stay

uploaded: Mon, Jul 6, 2009 @ 3:03 PM last modified: Tue, Jul 7, 2009 @ 6:40 AM  (add)
byCalling Sister Midnight
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This was recorded back in 2002 at Dead Horse Studio in Taos, New Mexico. The squeaky chair renders it pretty much useless except for remixing. More than anything, I was interested in playing with file formats to see if I could extract pellas from these old recording sessions. Looks promising!

Luckily on the other songs the vocals are isolated, although I can still hear fair guitar even though we were in booths. I’m sorry to say I am unable to isolate the vocal on this, but it might be just the framework I need to re-record it — sans chair.

This tune was written from a man’s point of view.

Maybe I Should Stay

Spring snows have drifted into April
They say it might snow into May
There’s nothing left to keep me hanging round — still
you’ve got me thinking maybe I should stay
Your letters lie folded on the table
My clothes lie folded on the chair
I’m usually gone by now but I’m not able
To forget the smell of moonlight in your hair.

And if you’re willing, for your part
And if you want me to stay
And if you’ll take this old wounded heart
and if you say I can stay — I’ll stay

A white mist has risen from the river
and all the birds have taken to the sky
I have no urgent message to deliver
I have no reasons — only alibis
The moonlight has left us both in ribbons
I wonder if I’m really worth the fight
I ‘fess up, I surrender, I lay down on
your bed of roses — give up for the night


Fire is burning on the hill side
A fever is breaking over snow
I’m losing things I’ve taken pains to hide — still
you’ve got me thinking maybe I won’t go
I’ve really nothing left to give you
the best was gone so long ago
I can’t forget the reason I still love you
Even though I’ve never told you so.


You’ve got me thinking maybe I should stay (repeat)

"Maybe I Should Stay"
by Calling Sister Midnight

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