Reviews left by victor

Sun, Aug 2 7:16 AM victor review of Middle Class Hero by PhilTheNil
woa - the playing and the spaces makes this quite the sample fodder - the only n...
Sun, Aug 2 7:12 AM victor review of Baby by cdk
good to see fatherhood hasn't harshed your mellow ;)
Fri, Jul 31 1:21 PM victor review of Let Yall Know - Swagger Mix by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
it's a sac conspiracy (!) magic baby. that is all.
Fri, Jul 31 9:46 AM victor review of don't you run (jazz mix) by oldDog
ahhh! stems stems stems stems
Mon, Jul 27 9:46 AM victor review of You've Got Me by Loveshadow
this is kind of, you know, perfect.
Wed, Jul 22 9:09 PM victor review of Listen To Me by The.Spirit.Of.Light
oh aha! this is the real deal that's for sure.
Tue, Jul 21 8:43 PM victor review of Spring march by Carosone
This is great - and thanks! for the awesome piano samples.
Tue, Jul 21 8:38 PM victor review of Dj Quenique's Make Music Not War Remix by DJ Quenique
The vocal sync is off (as if it was never really sync'd at all really) and the b...
Sun, Jul 19 2:45 PM victor review of Silken by gurdonark
you know, I have to say: strictly as a personal preference, I'd almost like this...
Sun, Jul 19 2:28 PM victor review of Black is the night (dtunez remix) by dtunez
I really like this, just the right feel
Sun, Jul 19 2:20 PM victor review of Certain Death Dance Mix by J.Lang
Yea, this is great (of course ;)
Tue, Jul 14 3:46 PM victor review of On Your Grave by wellman
I have to say, I really under estimated this mix for the first 30 secs or so. Re...
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