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Tue, Aug 25 10:28 AM victor review of Thing's I Love, Thing's I Hate. ( The Secret Poem ) by Loveshadow
it's funny - I actually started doing this at one point, inspired by the way the...
Tue, Aug 25 10:24 AM victor review of Smile (For A Bit) by The Orchestral Movement of 1932
I think you've got a great touch - very, very personal and expressive treatment ...
Tue, Aug 25 10:21 AM victor review of Rest (For A Bit) by The Orchestral Movement of 1932
I don't know what kind of creative block you're talking about - this is very cre...
Tue, Aug 25 10:17 AM victor review of LOVE IN THE CLUB-The Bootleg Secret Mixter 12 inch remix by J.Lang
oh - of course you do killer club mixes too - I can't believe you can just pull ...
Tue, Aug 25 2:15 AM victor review of Imbolc (Secret Last Virus Mix) by Aamu
I'll admit right now: I wasn't sure if I even liked this piece - then, about hal...
Tue, Aug 25 2:08 AM victor review of Elephant (Jlbrock44's Psychedelic Journey) by irish4t
This is TOTALLY rocking - I really love this!!!
Tue, Aug 25 2:00 AM victor review of Sister & Brother by artemisstrong
wow - outstanding - this is deeeeeeeeeep - there is just so much skill here (jea...
Tue, Aug 25 1:34 AM victor review of I'm Diggin' It by SackJo22
haha yes! oh this is TOTALLY going in the next phunky phetes.
Tue, Aug 25 1:31 AM victor review of Listening Whispers by Mana Junkie
god I love these secret mixter things - this is awesome
Tue, Aug 25 1:27 AM victor review of War & Art & Love (secret mix) by teru
omg, my heart just stopped and my head exploded...
Tue, Aug 25 1:22 AM victor review of The Orchestral Movements of 1932 by MC Jack in the Box
this is a mix I wish I would have done - dam. a great example of where the rem...
Tue, Aug 25 1:17 AM victor review of You and Me and Everybody We Know by Colin Mutchler
I loved this from the first note - you should do this more (!!)
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