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Reviews left by victor

Sun, Nov 16 8:17 AM victor review of The Four Stones by texasradiofish
I officially bequeath my two extras stones to you - you earned them with this! l...
Thu, Nov 6 1:46 PM victor review of The seed, the rain, the tree ($15 Mix) by Shelflife
great fit! someone needs to add bass!!
Wed, Sep 14 7:31 PM victor review of Fire and Rain by MC Jack in the Box
You got him - this is great - thank you so much.
Tue, Mar 30 1:32 PM victor review of Take A Shot by Olenergy
just found this on dig - pretty great actually
Sun, Mar 21 10:35 AM victor review of MCJackinthebox - the secret agency mix by shagrugge
Thank you shagrugge for being such a phenomenal musician, for sharing your gifts...
Sat, Dec 19 7:06 AM victor review of Catch me if you can by Meiklasic
Howdy, welcome to ccMixter. Thanks for uploading the rough mixes, that will d...
Sun, Dec 6 5:00 AM victor review of Fireside Mix by Lasswell
pretty outrageously great. all is forgiven indeed.
Sun, Nov 15 2:45 PM victor review of Silent Night by MC Jack in the Box
another spine tingler - wow
Tue, Nov 10 4:48 PM victor review of May by spdejan
(sorry this is much of a review, but this is upload #17,000)
Fri, Nov 6 3:31 PM victor review of Beethoven's 5th Dimension by wolf sebastian
did you mean to upload this as NonCommercial? Really? For real? (just say t...
Thu, Nov 5 8:53 AM victor review of Rewired "In My Dreams" (Musetta RMX) by musetta
good grief this is so beautiful.
Thu, Nov 5 5:37 AM victor review of In Out by SackJo22
great song susan and (surprise) perfect guitar by haskel.
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