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Reviews left by victor

Sat, Apr 2 8:58 AM victor review of Vol 854 passager 32 by Bluemillenium
(heya - you can upload FLAC files directly, you don't have to put individual FLA...
Thu, Mar 17 11:51 AM victor review of Daytime Hustler by Robbero
Rather than play cat&mouse I've removed the tags. It shouldn't make a difference...
Tue, Mar 15 1:43 PM victor review of 1k viewers by Robbero
dude - you have vocals in your track - please don't mark these as 'instrumental'...
Mon, Mar 14 8:37 PM victor review of Dub the Uke by Kara Square
god I love this
Sun, Mar 13 7:53 PM victor review of It's a Good Day by texasradiofish
more like this. please.
Sun, Mar 6 5:06 PM victor review of Brass Attacks by Stefan Kartenberg
um. hell. yes.
Thu, Mar 3 12:01 PM victor review of Finding Jupiter by @nop
I love your ears - this is a perfect soundtrack, mood setting track
Thu, Mar 3 11:54 AM victor review of Impressionistic by Robbero
awesome twist on the original - this kinda ninja thing is my fav type of music i...
Thu, Mar 3 11:51 AM victor review of A Peace Of Heaven by Stefan Kartenberg
great production for a great guitaree part
Thu, Mar 3 11:44 AM victor review of Impression by Stefan Kartenberg
yea this is PERFECT ballad-chill soundtrack stuff - I can totally see this playi...
Thu, Mar 3 11:42 AM victor review of Ginza (Italotechboy Remix) by Italotechboy
hey - wattayano! a track marked 'dance' that's actually danceable lol I'm not s...
Thu, Mar 3 11:36 AM victor review of Sometimes by reiswerk
my god this is so, so funky and beautiful dude this is a beautiful production (...
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