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Reviews left by victor

Sun, Nov 15 3:18 PM victor review of Love Shadow (Remix Safety Guide) by rocavaco
oh hell yes jeez dude - awesomeness!
Sun, Nov 15 3:14 PM victor review of War and Art and Love by debbizo
what a contrast to everything else today - touchingly intimate and personal.
Sun, Nov 15 3:10 PM victor review of release.JOY.release by SackJo22
holy smokin sackjo! yowzah
Sun, Nov 15 2:58 PM victor review of no one really truely by urmymuse
you know... there's a lot of fun tracks being uploaded today this one really str...
Sun, Nov 15 2:56 PM victor review of Duckett Collage (Wired but Disconnected Mix) by spinningmerkaba
what an appropriate and cool treatment for this song we've all heard 1,000 times...
Sun, Nov 15 2:54 PM victor review of Murder by texasradiofish
so this used to be called a 'mixversation' - a conversation with remixes - this ...
Sun, Nov 15 2:47 PM victor review of 3chords1drone1vocal by reusenoise
I don't know industrial that well but this sounds in the pocket to me.
Sun, Nov 15 2:43 PM victor review of Fever by Snowflake
omg em - this is amazing - this is my new favorite of yours!
Sun, Nov 15 2:39 PM victor review of Cracker by Quarkstar
ha! this is great - fantastic - this is totally radio ready. congrats
Sun, Nov 15 12:13 PM victor review of Having Fun by ASHWAN
yea - this is perfect - really. fan for life.
Sun, Nov 15 8:28 AM victor review of Sector 8 by Blake
well that was exciting! Jealous cause I wish I could twist my own stuff into sou...
Tue, May 26 11:47 AM victor review of accapella by Justine Vickery
This is lovely vocal and song - but it will be a tough sell for remixers because...
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