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Beatzilla and the Curious George Complex (radio dial mix)

uploaded: Tue, Aug 25, 2009 @ 7:23 PM
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Again it has been a while since I’ve been by. I just happened upon the secret summer signups and was delighted to see Pat Chilla as I hadn’t worked with or listened to much (I’ve been away awhile…) Not only does the Chilla use great samples really well, he has a variety of sounds and beats, eclectic but with a unique voice. I only wish the mixter had been a couple of weeks sooner so school hadn’t begun, but here’s my remix. The production quality probably isn’t there as my ear is rusty and I tried to mix 100% Zilla samples, but ended up throwing a few bits and pieces in to soundscape this one out. For any who have heard my other remixes, the few there, I definitely managed to return to certain themes I seem destined to revisit, it’d be interesting if others found them. After listening to so many other mixter results Chilla I won’t hold it against you if you expected more. I was honored to work with your stuff and very much enjoyed it. Hope I got all the acknowledgments right.

Here’s to turning the dial to ALL CHILLA FM, Curious George style. 2 letters…

"Beatzilla and the Curious George Complex (radio dial mix)"
by shimoda

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