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Lovely Noise Kit

uploaded: Wed, Jul 6, 2005 @ 6:11 PM
byPat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
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More drum loops to play with. They’re at 100bpm, but they are not acidized or beatmapped in anyway so you’ll have to stretch or compress yourself. They loop fine, though. I have tons and tons of commercial drum kits so I decided to create some loops from some of my favorites like Grinding Beats, Chemical Beats, Modern Beats, etc. If it has “Beat” in the title I probably own it :) Oh yeah, they’re compressed with FLAC too.

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /Lovely Noise Kit/LNK Clank Loop Full.flac (892.81kb)
  • /Lovely Noise Kit/LNK Clank Loop Lite.flac (447.50kb)
  • /Lovely Noise Kit/LNK Dancing Bellies Full.flac (748.37kb)
  • /Lovely Noise Kit/LNK Dancing Bellies Lite.flac (522.06kb)
  • /Lovely Noise Kit/LNK Johnson Bro Full.flac (663.79kb)
  • /Lovely Noise Kit/LNK Johnson Bro Lite.flac (455.98kb)
  • /Lovely Noise Kit/LNK Nipsy Russell Hustle Full.flac (544.52kb)
  • /Lovely Noise Kit/LNK Nipsy Russell Hustle Lite.flac (425.70kb)
  • /Lovely Noise Kit/LNK Nipsy Russell Hustle Percs.flac (377.00kb)
  • /Lovely Noise Kit/LNK Sub Urban Full.flac (660.93kb)
  • /Lovely Noise Kit/LNK Sub Urban Life Lite.flac (448.53kb)
  • /Lovely Noise Kit/LNK Urban Limbo Full.flac (679.13kb)
  • /Lovely Noise Kit/LNK Urban Limbo Lite.flac (480.07kb)

"Lovely Noise Kit"
by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla

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