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Sat, Apr 29 12:39 AM thelaw review of Virtual Freak by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
Oops he did it again. Damn Pat - love this song. The beat keeps you going, and t...
Wed, Apr 26 2:32 AM thelaw review of [Kojido's Ridiculous] Remember the Name Remix by Ed_Kojido
Little too trancey for me (must be your pads), but hey, your other two really go...
Wed, Apr 26 2:27 AM thelaw review of [Kojido's Sip This] Remember the Name Remix by Ed_Kojido
Good stuff. The only thing annoying is that harmonica thingy, but that's just ni...
Wed, Apr 26 2:25 AM thelaw review of [Kojido's Anonymous] Remember the Name Remix by Ed_Kojido
Nice backing loop with intelligent variations. Great feel too. how DOES he do it...
Tue, Apr 18 9:10 PM thelaw review of Slanted Voices by 7OOP3D
Wow! (surprised and delighted) Voices = instruments. Great flow and texture. Sce...
Tue, Apr 18 8:39 PM thelaw review of Nas``1``MIC }2emix by Vocabulicious
Great extended mix - the beats flow really well between scenes.
Sun, Apr 9 10:38 PM thelaw review of Fiesta by rupert1073
This one's golden. I really like the song you built around Dr. C's lyrics. Makes...
Wed, Apr 5 4:47 PM thelaw review of Blissful Strides Remembered by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
Pat, Love your take on this. Mellow and spicy! The chords are so nice too.
Tue, Oct 4 7:22 PM thelaw review of Hobo's Son - remix by teru
Great work!
Thu, Sep 29 2:32 PM thelaw review of History 2.0 by Colin Mutchler
This beat is really great work. Chill but complex. Nice use of instruments. Real...
Mon, Sep 26 4:49 PM thelaw review of what cha need-DU's bounce by deutscheunschuld
This is a great mix - your sound is awesome!
Sun, Sep 25 8:00 PM thelaw review of New Orleans Tribute (Yellow Flowers mix) by Phazor
Really well put together - a trajedy that must be remembered.
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